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Why ask for quotes through Gta Contractors?

There is no charge for getting quotes from us ! It also save you time on finding trusted contractor since we have a network of handpicked contractors for every type of renovations.

How it works?

You submit your project through quote request form, we find you trusted contractors that can deliver you meet contractors ,compare their service and quotes and make right decision

How do you select the contractors best suit my needs?

Once we have your quote information, we go through our network of contractors and match you by service and area. You will be contacted in less than 24hrs to schedule an appointment.

How much getting quote cost?

It’s absolutely free. No indirect or hidden cost.

Am I under any obligation to choose one of the proposed service providers?

You don’t have any obligation to do business with one of the referred contractors. However, the contractors we refer are pre-screened, have done several projects for our clients and have received positive feedback, so you have better chances of making the right decision by selecting one of our trusted contractors.

What type of renovation has highest return on investment for my home ?

Our experience shows renovating kitchen has highest return, second is upgrading bathroom and finishing basement is third

Who will have access to my personal contact information?

We only share your contact information with the contractors that are referred to you, so they can contact you directly. We will also contact you by email or phone to follow-up on the process and make sure you are satisfied with our service and the contractors. We will not use your contact information for other purposes. You can also read our Privacy Policy on the site.

How can I provide you with feedback once my project is completed?

You can go to contractor profile page and click and on write review and rank contractors for end result quality, delivery on budget, and delivery on time.

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