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How do I become one of your recommended Contractors?

Homeowners send us work requests, and if your profile and previous work experience seem to match what the homeowner is looking for we will match you up. You will discuss the project with the client and then submit to them your quote. If you do great work and get high reviews, we will continue to recommend you to future clients.

What is your business model?

We get business based on lead generation. You will receive a lead from someone’s online quote submission and if they choose you from our roster, you choose your price for them, but we retain a small commission fee.

Do you screen the leads before contacting me?

Yes, we try to ensure the perfect fit for both homeowner and contractor. We reach out to each client to ensure it’s a valid request and better understand their wants and needs before we contact you to reach out to the homeowner.

How much does it cost to be listed as a contractor on your site?

It’s completely free! As long as you do great work, serve the customer, and agree to our terms of service conditions.

How many other contractors will be submitting a quote for the same project?

We choose our best contractor for that specific job. Only one contractor can represent GTA contractors at a time. With that being said, we always recommend to the client to get a couple other quotes to compare. We tell them we ensure our confidence in our contractors, however for their top satisfaction to get other quotes to ensure they will be happy with their final choice.

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