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Any new home buyers and established homeowners across GTA dream up their ideal kitchen, whether it’s customizing a just bought home or fulfilling a long-desired wish to upgrade. The first step is determining a budget.

The average cost of kitchen renovation across GTA is $20,000; remember the cost for a major overhaul renovation can raise up to $64,000 or $320 a square foot.Let’s break the budget down into pieces to help you get closer to your dream cooking and entertaining space:


This is an important line item in your budget, especially if your dream kitchen requires a layout change. That could involve moving load-bearing walls and gas lines or a new plumbing. It’s more realistic to put away 15 percent of your overall budget for design if you’re planning for a major layout change. If you’re giving your kitchen more of a makeover than an overhaul, it’s possible to work closely with an experienced general contractor on the design and forgo a designer. On majority of cases homeowners rely on general contractors for design, However, an architect’s services will be needed if plumbing or gas lines are moving or if there are structural changes


The average cost of permit fee in GTA is $1,000. Usually the permit is calculated based on the cost of a renovation. For every $1,000 in your renovation budget, there is an additional $17 for your renovation permits. If plumb and electrical permits are required, that’s an additional $200 cost (for a less extensive renovation, these permits may not be necessary).


Average price range of appliance package are between $12,000 to $15,000 which will get you brands such as General Electric and Electrolux. The high-end price spectrum will deliver brands such as Viking and Miele and prices are between $18,000 to $22,000.


Cabinets are a big-ticket line item on every kitchen renovation cost budget. They typically take up to 30 percent of costs. For a major overhaul renovation worth of $60,000, cabinets will cost almost $20,000. What makes a big difference in cabinet cost is whether you order custom, pre-fabricated or a mix of both. Some pre-fabricated cabinets from IKEA or Home Depot will cost around $130 a linear foot where a custom jobs can cost up to $2,000 a linear square foot. However, with that higher price, there is more freedom in deciding your kitchen layout. You also get a better warranty with custom cabinets


Quartz is overwhelmingly the most popular countertop, its heat, stain, scratch, and bacteria-resistant and almost maintenance-free. Natural stones, like marble, need routine staining and sealing. Quartz starts around $85 per linear foot and is on the mid to high-end of the price range, which includes the cost of fabricating and installing. Laminate starts at $20 a linear foot, but is rarely purchased, Donna said. Granite is about $35 a linear foot. On the high end, natural stones start at about $120 a linear foot.


Kitchen lighting won't be big budget line item. It takes up on four percent of total costs of kitchen renovation. The end price, of course, will always be determined by your tastes. In a $20,000 kitchen, that’s only $800. For a major renovation in the $60,000 range, lighting costs look closer to $2,400.


On an average , plumbing costs are about the same at $800. If there is a layout change to your kitchen, then that will likely add to your plumbing costs.


On the lower end, a vinyl Tile is $3.50 a square foot. The price per square foot does not include installation. On the higher end is cork or wide-plank wood flooring. These go for $8.25 to $15 a square foot.

Labor and installation

Labor cost can change depending upon on your area , In GTA on average labor cost you 35 percent of your total budget. Don’t forget installation for appliances, cabinetry, plumbing, and electrical. At the end of the day, renovations are like fingerprints—no two are alike. That includes their budgets.

Line Item Price
Demolition $35,000
Floor Carpentry, Crow molding , install ceiling beams
Electrical including replacing light switches, add ceiling lights, under cabinets lights , and new circuit breaker
Upgrade and new plumbing, including shut-off valves and new drain tap, install appliances
Paint $12,700
Provide and install quartz countertop $3,680
Provide new sink and faucet $800
Provide backsplash tiles $350
Provide new floor tiles $4,000

Consult experts upfront

If you are planning to hire an architect or designer for you major renovation, getting him/her on board early on may help to save money on your project by mapping out more of a clear plan to avoid changes mid-stream. In general, hiring licensed professional will prevent insurance headache later on With home renovation.

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