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Choosing Right GENERAL CONTRACTOR for your project in GTA

In construction, medium to large projects are handled by a General Contractor or GC . General contractor provides a bid for projects to the owner and once approved enters into a contractor with the owner to complete the project and takes full responsibility to get the project complete for the bid price. In general, He purchase the materials, hire trades , assign work to subcontractors, and oversee the project to get the work done. Trades and subcontractors are responsible to the general contractors, not to the owner. Based on nature of project, the general contractor may be called a builder, construction manager, remodeling contractor, etc.

Choosing a general contractor will have a great impact on the success or failure for your project, Great Plans, contracts, construction documents cannot lead to good work without skill and integrity of a general contractor. Make sure you find someone whom you can trust and feel comfortable working. It worth paying a little extra and hiring the right person, Assume there will be problems along the way and having a person who you work cooperatively with you to find the best solution is worth every dollar.

At high-level, general contractors responsibilities are

  • Estimating and bidding for the project
  • Negotiating a contract with the owner
  • Hiring and negotiating contracts with subcontractors
  • Obtaining the necessary permits and scheduling inspections
  • Establishing a payment schedule based on work progress
  • Disbursing money to subs and material suppliers
  • Creating a schedule for workers, subs, and deliveries
  • Negotiating material prices and ordering materials
  • Interpreting the plans and specifications
  • Supervising and coordinating the work of site employees and subs
  • Provide progress report to the owner
  • Troubleshooting job-site problems

The general contractors meets owners on regular biases to address their concern and inform them on project progress and possible delays and issues.

In larger companies, the General contractor will probably have a foreman, lead contractors, project manager, or superintendent that overseeing day-to-day job-site management. In smaller companies, the GC may be on the job site regularly, even pickup work here and there from time to time. On average, General contractor deserve 20% profit for holding it altogether. The profit comes form, marking up labor and subcontractors bids and also material costs

Managing the subcontractors

General contractor acts like the conductor of an orchestra by making sure each subcontractors deliver it assignment in right time. He puts lots of energy into managing the subcontractors. In most cases, smaller companies rely more on their staff and large companies rely more on subcontractors the get the job done. Nearly in all projects there is a need for subcontractors specially when it comes to trades like plumbing and electrical or excavation and foundation works. A skilled General contractor keeps good relationship with competent and reliable sub-contractors. He ensures the sub get paid promptly and in the return subs deliver quality work as per General contractors exceptions.

Benefits of hiring general contractors for your project

  • For the large project, hiring general contractor is simplest way to complete the project
  • General contractor will be point person responsible for materials, workmanship, scheduling, and budget control. If there’s a problem, it’s the contractor’s responsibility to fix it
  • A good general contractor have good subs that show up on time and deliver works to the standard set by general contractors

General contractors' relationship with project architecture

At the initial phase of project, Owner meet with architecture to develop the house they desire and architect put together the architectural plans as well as the construction plans for the project. Once the design phase completed, General contractors bid for the projects based on architectural plan and other construction specification. Getting general contractor involved in design phase has advantage of receiving general contractor feedback early-on on design and having constructible design that both architecture and general contractor feel comfortable with . Also prevent ambiguity and assumption that can cause cost over and project delay. General contractors and architecture communication during build phase is a must for project success. This communication most likely will be in form of Request for Information (RFI) and will be initiate by general contractors to clarify the plan requirements.

Consult experts upfront

You and your general contractor will essentially be business partners for duration of the job, so choose someone with honesty and integrity. If you are planning to hire general contractor, getting him/her on board early on may help to save money on your project by mapping out more of a clear plan to avoid changes mid-stream. In general, hiring licensed professional will prevent headache later on with your project. Get in touch with General Contractors so you can get tailored estimates for your project from our experts!

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