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Benefit of servicing your furnace

With winter and colder weather just around the corner, it’s time to start turning on furnaces and fireplaces to keep our homes warm and cozy. Making sure seasonal maintenance is performed on your furnace helps keep it running happily and efficiently all winter long. This blog post will cover all the benefits of regular furnace maintenance, and what it should include so you can stay warm and worry free this winter.

Reduce your energy bill by 30%

With regular maintenance, your furnace will run more efficiently throughout the winter months. When the maintenance is performed, the electrical connections are tightened, moving parts are lubricated, correct air flow is measured, blower components are inspected and adjusted, gas pressure is inspected, and the condenser and evaporator coil are inspected. Keeping every part of the furnace working at full capacity helps to increase efficiency during operation, which in turn lowers utility bill costs.

Extended Equipment Life

The wide range of inspection and testing that occurs during seasonal maintenance means that the technician can make minor adjustments that keeps the furnace running better longer. Lubrication of moving parts, inspecting and cleaning condensate drains, testing the unit’s starting capabilities, and other components of the maintenance procedure keep the furnace’s parts from deteriorating as quickly from regular wear and tear, so your furnace can keep running better for many years to come.

Fewer Repairs

Seasonal inspection gives the technician an opportunity to fully inspect your furnace and discover small problems before they turn into an expensive repair. The cleaning, lubrication, and assessment of your furnace keeps it running at peak performance, so you experience fewer breakdowns or problems during operation. Parts of the inspection listed above are some of the ways the furnace is kept in good working order, so your home is heated reliably and worry free throughout the winter.

Improved Safety

When it comes to your family and your home, safety is always a top priority. This is why every comprehensive furnace maintenance session should include a review of safety features and possible problem areas. These procedures should include cleaning and adjusting the burner assembly, cleaning the ignition assembly, inspecting the heat exchanger, testing safety controls, and cleaning or replacing air filters. With a proper inspection and maintenance, you can heat your home without worrying about potential safety issues.

Improved Capacity

Once maintenance is complete, your furnace will be working at peak performance and efficiency. With all the important parts lubricated, adjusted, and inspected, your furnace will have improved capacity, which means it will have an easier time meeting your home’s heating needs.

Consult experts upfront

If you are planning to schedule a service appointment for your furnace please contract GTA Contractors so you can get tailored estimates for your service from our experts!

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