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Condo renovation contractors in Toronto

Whether you just purchased or you are thinking of renovations before selling your condominium, upgrading to new modern flooring, upgrade to Quartz and granite counter tops, painting and fixing light fixtures are renovations that pay off .In some scenarios removing wall to create open concept will increase space function. Remember that most condo renovations require board approval, so work with your contractors to consider approval in your renovation plan. Also reno works are allowed only during permitted hours by board. All construction debris need to properly disposed to avoid a fine. When it comes to upgrading your condo, renovations or makeover consultation with trusted, knowledgeable and experienced contractors is first step. Request a quote that contains detailed timeline, materials and labor required for the project. Clarify if there will be any warranty for work delivered . Here are list of Condo renovation contractors with reviews and ratings in Toronto area.

  • For our respective customers we provide condo renovation services, and specialize in "turn key ready" renovations. We consider all limitation of condo renovation including timing condo board permissions ,consideration of neighbors and small space design. For condo Kitchen is often the most important part of renovation. We ensure the kitchen design increase value of your condo and bring "wow" factor for lot less t...

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